Shades Solar Films, a family-run business, has been installing window films for 20 years. We are situated in the UK and provide coverage for parts of Wolverhampton. We take great pleasure in our ability to satisfy customers. We have a group of highly skilled and completely qualified window film installers.

Each team member has extensive expertise using each type of product in virtually every imaginable circumstance, enabling them to provide a professional service regardless of the setting or context. Since we don’t employ subcontractors, every job is completed to our exacting standards and is backed by our firm guarantee.

Shades Solar Films has the film you need, whether you need it for privacy, heat reduction, anti-glare, security, anti-mist, frosted, or clear UV protection. Each installation requires extensive planning, intense procedures, and meticulous attention to detail that enable us to consistently deliver high-quality work throughout Wolverhampton, Newbridge, Willenhall, and Bilston.

For roughly 20 years, our company has been a top manufacturer and installer of window film. We are pleased to provide a nationwide installation service and a wide selection of window films that provide protection against heat, glare, UV rays, bi-fold doors, and mist. Whatever your needs, we are well-positioned to assist thanks to our expanding selection of cutting-edge products and cutting-edge machinery.

We only use the best films available, including those from Suntek, Lumar, and 3M. It is critical to install window films in your home. We can provide privacy and up to 78% heat reduction, 70% glare reduction, and 99% UV protection with the window films we install. Installing UV ray protection film will protect both your skin and the interior of your home, including carpets, flooring, and furniture, as ultraviolet rays are very harmful to sensitive skin.

We provide a large selection of solar film windows that can enhance the style and comfort of your home and office throughout Wolverhampton. Choose a window film that is simple to apply, such as window tinting film or artistic frosted glass film, to transform your place. Since fabric window coverings may readily attract and collect dust and filth, using a glass window film is a great substitute for net curtains and blinds in some rooms. Instead, you can effortlessly wipe clean our solar window films.

Solar window coatings for conservatory roofs to reduce excessive heat and glare, which frequently render conservatories useless. With the installation of specialized sun control film from Shades Solar Films, your conservatory could be a cozy place to spend time all year. We provide a variety of window coverings for caravans. As the summer months can be quite unbearable with direct sunlight on them, installing solar heat-reflective window films can transform your vacation home into a comfortable environment. Caravans are normally situated closer to one another; a privacy film can give you that added protection from other holiday homes.

For more information about the numerous installation projects we have successfully performed, including those with both standard designs and bespoke window films, have a look at our services. Call 07718425452, and a member of the team would be pleased to assist you throughout Wolverhampton, Newbridge, Willenhall, and Bilston if you have any questions about our installation service, our selection of film or products, or how to order samples.