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Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory roofs can be unbearable in the summer making them unusable rooms.

Conservatory glass roofs will magnify the heat, solar control window film can reduce the heat up to 78%.

Reflective film fitted to your glass panels can make that space useable again all year round. Protecting you and your interiors from the harmful rays.

All our films are 99% UV protection, anti-glare and heat reduction all backed up by 15-year warranty.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are a lovely addition to a property but do have their pitfalls, with the heat penetrating the glass it makes the space very hot and uncomfortable.

Fitting solar films will keep your living space cool all day long and give you privacy and comfort.

New Builds

New build properties are built quite closer together and are over-looked, fitting solar films will give your family home privacy back and will give the home UV protection and heat reduction.

We offer many films for installation, reflective films, neutral and privacy films this will have privacy from the outside and a natural view from the inside.

office windows

Whether you work in a small unit or an office block, solar window films can be a great advantage to your working day.

Direct sun and heat-penetrating the glass panels can make your day very uncomfortable.

How often do you sit at your desk struggling to see the computer screen? Anti-glare film can stop the sun glare and reflect the heat, making your day more efficient and comfortable.

It also gives you privacy from the outside which will protect your equipment from prying eyes.

caravan & window films

In the summer months with direct sunlight on them can be quite unbearable, fitting solar heat-reflective window films can change your holiday home in a comfortable environment.

Caravans are normally situated closer to one another, a privacy film can give you that added protection from other holiday homes.